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Cryostorage Equipment

Middlesex Gases supplies both Taylor Wharton and Chart equipment - both leaders in the industry.

Units feature a four thermistor based controller that is especially user friendly. The low maintenance, all stainless steel construction and large neck opening provide a durable environment for your biological samples. The CryoStorage units will provide either vapor or liquid storage with storage capacities from 5,200 vials to 39,000 vials.

Cryogenic Preservation:

  • Cryogenic Freezers, shippers, refrigerators
  • Cryo-Freezer Consolidation expertise
  • Cryogenic switchover systems
  • Cryogenic keep fill system, via satellite


  • Four thermistor liquid level control system
  • Liquid level gauge readout
  • Dry contacts
  • High and low level alarm
  • Supply alarms
  • Integrated one fill / all fill system


  • Inventory frame and cassettes
  • Square racks - stainless or aluminum
  • Arrowhead racks
  • Cardboard boxes (81 cell)
  • Plastic boxes (25 cell and 100 cell)
  • SUC boxes
  • Canes and protectors
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Cryogenic handling safety equipment
  • Cryogenic hoses and diffusers (phase separators)