Lab Gas Safety : High Pressure Cylinder Storage & Use

Many of us work in laboratories every day. The workplace becomes common and the accessories within the lab blend into a blur over time, of glassware, hoses, gauges, gas cylinders, analytical equipment, lab coats and on and on.

This is the very moment we all need to be aware of. This is where you are entering the "gotcha" moment. Everything has become so commonplace that when we enter the lab we barely see anything except where our work station is and so we attend to the tasks at hand.

Have you given any thought to any of the following questions concerning the gas cylinder present in your lab?

This list of questions can go on but to ensure the brevity of this writing we will leave it for now. We want all of the questions above answered and satisfied when working with high pressure gas cylinders as the hazards related to their misuse can be catastrophic.

Have you looked at the area where the gas cylinders or cryogenic gases are stored within your building?

All of these questions are important and accidents can be prevented by answering them truthfully. Ignore these issues and you are working on borrowed time. Accidents with compressed or cryogenic gases are unforgiving at best. There are many more issues at hand than the short lists above, so please play it safe and call Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. for a Lab Safety / Purity Audit. I guarantee you a safer workplace as a result. We will address all of the safety issues related to the gases you have on site and supply a written report of our findings. Please contact us today. Everyone deserves a safe workplace.

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