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Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. Celebrates 60th Anniversary

July 15, 2009

Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc., a family-owned, third generation distributor of Specialty and Industrial Gases, CryoStorage Equipment, and Welding Equipment/Supplies throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, is proud to celebrate 60 years in business.

From their inception as a two person company with one pick-up truck, Middlesex Gases has grown to employ 60 people in 6 locations with 3 filling plants and a fleet consisting of 25 service and delivery trucks, 2 bulk nitrogen transports, and 1 bulk argon transport. They currently service approximately 5,000 clients.

Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. was founded in 1949 by Joseph Martin, Sr. Martin had been a salesman for a company called Airco which did not sell directly to small businesses. He recognized and seized the opportunity to set up a company distributing to small businesses, as well as to shipyards and manufacturers under the name Middlesex Welding Supply.

In 1974, Martin passed the company down to his son, Joe Martin, Jr. Grandson Bo Martin took over as CEO in 1991, making a cultural shift from welding and expanding to specialty/rare gases and MicroBulk. In 1992, the name of the company was changed from Middlesex Welding Supply to Middlesex Gases & Technologies Inc. to better reflect their shift to include biotech gases (the name "Middlesex" originating from their location in Middlesex County). Although this shift was their biggest challenge, it resulted in great success for the company. With the expansion to specialty and MicroBulk gases, they now service and sell to the biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as their traditional industrial and manufacturing base.

CEO Bo Martin and company President Tom Martin manage the company together. They believe that three key elements in the company philosophy have led to Middlesex Gases' continued success. "Good people are the most important thing," they said, "and the management staff must provide the team with the tools they need to succeed. The company as a whole must do their absolute best to provide high quality products and services." They also stated, "The fact that we are still successful at the 3rd Generation - an independently family-owned distributorship that continues to grow and prosper - is very rewarding."

Today, Middlesex Gases is an industry leader in the distribution of a wide range of specialty/industrial gases, welding and related products, and safety equipment. They offer a level of service, quality and technical expertise that cannot be matched in New England. In the words of CEO Bo Martin "We have the best people providing the best product and service, at a fair price."