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Middlesex Gases Teams with Mercury Computer to Support Cancer Research

June 15, 2012

We have all been touched by someone that has been stricken with cancer. We know the courage it takes to fight this disease and the sacrifices made by the patient and everyone involved. In an effort to help the fight against cancer, Middlesex Gases & Technologies, Inc. of Everett, MA has teamed up with Mercury Computer Systems of Chelmsford, MA to support the efforts of cancer research by donating a percentage of their business dollars to the Susan G. Komen Foundation ( The team's efforts are signified by the pink ribbon on the bulk nitrogen tank at the Mercury Computer Systems facility.

Companies with bulk nitrogen requirements are invited to participate with Middlesex Gases in this worthwhile program. The more businesses that join us in this effort, the greater the impact we will have on helping those working to find a cure for cancer. By displaying the pink ribbon on the nitrogen bulk tanks of participating companies, we hope to bring continued awareness of those fighting cancer to everyone who walks, rides, or drives by them.

Massachusetts has many cancer research centers, universities, and hospitals with thousands of devoted professionals trying to eradicate this terrible disease. Middlesex Gases has been supplying these institutions with various rare and specialty gases, microbulk gases, bulk gases, related equipment and technical support for over 30 years. The management teams of both Middlesex Gases and Mercury Computer Systems speak as one voice when they say, "We are both proud to join forces to support this worthy cause. It is our goal that additional companies will support and join this program in an effort to find a cure for cancer."

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