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Middlesex Gases & Technologies is proud to introduce their new Industrial Web site

May, 2014

Everett, MA - Family owned, since 1949, Middlesex Gases & Technologies is proud to introduce its new industrial/welding web site (www.MGTWeldingSupplies.com) highlighting the expertise of the Middlesex team and its extensive array of products.

The new web site offers many new enhancements including information about Middlesex's capabilities regarding welding products, turnkey applications, welding solutions and laser applications, in addition to providing microbulk and bulk gases. The site also includes an online safety quiz where industry insiders can test their knowledge of safety operations in their workplace, as well as learn more about safety related equipment and courses.

Visitors may also view a full gallery of equipment by top manufacturers such as Lincoln Electric, Victor Technologies (formerly Thermal Arc) and Miller Welding Equipment. In addition, the new web site includes a complete line of welding filler metals, abrasives, safety equipment, consumables, gas detectors and welding accessories. The site lists seasonal sales as well as a state of the art mobile application from Lincoln Electric for obtaining welding parameters in reference to various steels and filler metals. Take advantage of the Middlesex "garage sale" with extended discounts on limited supply items. The web site's user-friendly navigation assures a positive user experience.

Middlesex Gases & Technologies is New England's premier independent welding supplier. Combined, we have more than 150 years of welding experience. The team here at Middlesex continues to strive to be the resource expert in welding applications by providing our customers the most cost effective solutions in manufacturing. Retail store locations include Everett, Framingham, Haverhill, Lowell and Plainville, Massachusetts.

For sales and marketing information, please contact:
Ron Perry Sales & Marketing Director

(617) 387-5050

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